TaB Chat Group

Hello everyone!

We have started a new chat group for TaB addicts that will replace the QuickTopic board, which has been
unfortunately attacked by spammers as of late.

This new chat group has more security features, and is easy to use — we hope everyone joins in!

To visit and join the new ILoveTaB Chat Group, click here

Here are more details about the chat group:

You can join the group by clicking the following URL:

Join ILoveTaB Chat

Access to the group on the web requires a Google Account. If you don’t have a Google Account set up yet, you’ll first need to create an account before you
can access the group. You can create an account at:

Create a Google account

Natalie & Chris

To unsubscribe from QuickTopic (and to hopefully reduce the amount of junk email you receive, go to the following link:

No more new user registration for now…

Unfortunately due to tons of spam-bots, we have had to add some additional security to In addition to temporarily restricting new user registration, we have closed the message boards until we can come up with a fix.

If you would like to register, or have any questions, please contact us at:

Thanks for all your patience!

Natalie & Chris