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T’was the Night Before TaBmas – by Nightowl

T’was the Night Before TaBmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through my flat
Not a creature was awake… but my overweight cat.
The tree was trimmed. The gifts were all wrapped.
And had my credit cards maxed.
The stockings were hung and I was in bed.
Dreams of 2-liter TaBs in my head.
When all of the sudden, who would appear?
But jolly St. Nick, red suit and white beard.
He crept through the darkness and paused by the tree
Saw the TaB I’d left him and was duly intrigued.
“Oh good!” he cried, then turned beet-red.
“Oops, sorry!” he whispered. “Forgot Nightowl’s in bed.”
Then he took a big drink and whispered, “Not bad!”
He ignored the cookies. They weren’t as good as the TaB.
Then he filled my fridge with cans of pinstriped pink.
And 2-liter bottles of the world’s finest drink.
And he cried as he left, “Hope everyone’s happy!”
Ain’t it good to know that Santa’s a TaBbie?

Peace on earth, goodwill to humanity and cheap, abundant TaB for all!

Thanks Nightowl!