TaB and Facebook

I just realized there are over 90 TaB groups focused on TaB! Lots of fun, but a bit confusing.

The *OFFICIAL* Facebook page is here:

ILoveTaB. com on Facebook

When you search for “TaB cola” on Facebook, the first result looks like an group, but is is not. They have copied/stolen our logo and photos. I have requested that they take this information down ASAP. If they do not, I will report the group to Facebook.

Please join the real Facebook group – the more members we have, the better!

ILoveTaB. com on Facebook

I will send out an newsletter this week with this information as well.

Nightowl – can you please post a link to your Facebook group? Since there are 90+ results, I can’t figure out which group is yours…

Natalie 🙂