Jeremy – TaB Hall of Fame member!

Here is some background information on Jeremy, our newest TaB Hall of Fame member… He is 21 years old, lives in Omaha, Nebraska, and attends school at the University of Nebraska at Omaha for Secondary Education (his goal is to get certified in English and Journalism). He works at a Walgreen’s that carries TaB (lucky lucky lucky!!!) — and the TaB is also really well stocked! Jeremy also works at a Theatre that shows Art Films. When did you start drinking TaB? What were you doing? In college, etc?

Jeremy: I started drinking TaB in January of this year, I found it in a 12 pack in South Carolina in a very run down filling station’s back room, I didn’t buy any but was surprised to find it was still being made. When I got back to Omaha I found it mentioned on the Save Surge website and did some research, I loved the can design and it had an interesting back story, but didn’t seek it out. It wasn’t until I went to the grocery store for frozen pizza and soda that I found my first six pack, and to be quite honest I hated it. It sat in my fridge and I ended up drinking another and it had grown on me, before that six pack was done I bought out the grocery store’s stock. (Glad you stuck with it Jeremy 🙂 ) Does anyone else in your family/circle of friends drink TaB?

Jeremy: My friends drink it on occasion, one says he likes to have it in the morning, another friend and myself have gotten drunk off Rum and TaB at least twice. Others say they like it but they are no where near my level of addiction. My family lives across the river on the Iowa side, and apparently TaB isn’t sold there. (Thumbs up on your conversion attempts!) How much TaB do you drink daily/weekly/monthly?

Jeremy: Every day I have at least 3 cans. I have been going through 24 a week since the 12 packs came out – no need to conserve anymore. Is TaB easy to find where you live?

Jeremy: When TaB was in six packs I had to hunt it down, it was sold at three stores, two Kroger stores and my manager at Walgreen’s ordered it in at my request. I have only been to one of the Kroger stores since the 12 packs came out and they didn’t have any, but it seems that another chain, Hy-Vee picked it up and they now stock it in all the stores I have been to in addition to my Walgreen’s where TaB outsells Sprite when Sprite isn’t on sale (this isn’t even counting the ones I bought!). Have you ever brought TaB on a trip with you? 🙂

Jeremy: Yes, I just took a trip to California for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, before I left I e-mailed Coke to ask if I should take any extra precaution when taking cans over the mountains. They told me that I should keep them on Ice and they were glad to hear from on of their loyal TaB drinkers. (This makes you a true, hard-core, TaB Hall of Famer) Any other TaB related anecdotes or stories?

Jeremy: I love sharing TaB more than I love drinking it. In addition to giving away cans to friends in person, I have shipped TaB to friends that said they had never seen it. Everyone who gets a TaB is always really surprised and happy to be getting it, you can give out a can of Coke and get a thank you, but you give out TaB and you get a conversation.

Thanks Jeremy, and welcome to the best club in the world 🙂

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