Patti – a member of our TaB Hall of Fame!

Patti was nominated by her friend Oscar for the TaB Hall of Fame! She looks gorgeous in her TaB tshirt and that wonderful vintage TaB poster is fantastic!

Here is what Patti had to say when we interviewed her…

Patti started drinking TaB when I was 9 as a result of a bottle of Tab getting mixed up in a 6 pack of 26oz bottles of Coca Cola.
What a great surprise!

She is the only TaB drinker in her circle of friends and family. However, she has converted several friends from the other energy drinks to TaB Energy.

She drink 4-6 6 packs of TaB per week, when she can find it!
Us TaBbies know what that is like!

The Manager at Patti’s local grocery store does a great job trying to keep TaB on the shelves for her, though sometimes someone else beats her to it!
I think most of us have unfortunately been through this 🙁

Like other TaB addicts, she has taken TaB with her when she travels on business.

What frustrates Patti, (like many of us) is that she has noticed that when Coca Cola products are on sale, TaB is never included, and she wonders why.
We wonder was well! My advice to to contact Coca-Cola directly – keep calling until you get someone knowledgeable – and tell them about this. 99% of the time the grocery store is in the wrong, and TaB should also be on sale!

Patti says “I have sent emails to Coca Cola several times inquiring where I can find TaB memorabilia. I have spent a fortune buying Coca Cola collectibles for my Mom and have looked everywhere for items.
I am a true TaBaholic!”

1 thought on “Patti – a member of our TaB Hall of Fame!

  1. I can certainly relate with people that cannot find TaB! the clerks at grocery stores notice people that the same people buy it… my wife usually buys it for me, if go to the store and buy it, the clerk will say that there is a lady that buys it for her husband!! =-)
    what really gets me is that the most common comment when someone sees me with a TaB or a 12 pack of TaB is ‘i didnt think they still made that!’
    keep the faith, Patti !! =-)

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