Go Girl Energy Drink vs TaB Energy


Lately I have seen Go Girl, another energy drink in a pink can. I gave it a try, and in my opinion, it is much better tasting that TaB Energy. There is virtually none of that medicinal/energy drink after taste — it tastes like a less sweet Strawberry Crush.

Has anyone else tried it? If so, leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Go Girl Energy Drink vs TaB Energy

  1. I have to agree with you. Go Girl Energy Drink is alot better tasting than Tab. It also has less calories and less carb. On top of it, Go Girl also supports breast cancer. Tab just doesnt compare.

  2. I tried Go Girl Energy Drink this afternoon for the first time. I’m
    totally hooked. Hopefully it will be easy to find again. The place
    that I purchased it at is pretty far from where I live.

  3. I am on my second Go Girl and really like it…does not jazz you up for
    a couple of hours then drop you off. It just seems to make me more
    alert. I did buy the Tab but have not tasted it yet. but I really
    like the Go Girl

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