Some more TaB Energy sightings (does Lindsey Lohan drink it?)…

In the February 20th, 2006 issue of OK! magazine (please do not ask me why I read this), there is a blurb about TaB Energy and the launch party…

“Keeping TaBs….On the energy-soda explosion…

TaB, the old-school soft drink, got a new-century makeover. No longer just a sweet soda, this drink is now a pink energy elixir — yes pink, even served in little pink cans. To celebrate the launch of TaB’s new aimed-at-women, “we-only-kept-the-name-the-same” drink, celebs such as Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, Lindsey Lohan, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Kimberly Stewart came out and sipped the beverage at Drive In Studios in NYC. …”

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“TaB Scare” – by Ben McGrath

It is so obvious this article used as a source, why weren’t we mentioned? 🙁

(“TaB Scare,” The New Yorker, January 1, 2006 – by Ben McGrath> BEVERAGE NEWS

As if the mainstream media were no beleaguered enough, now comes word that th Coca-Cola Company is about to release a ne drink called Tab Energy. The plan is to capitalize on the popularity of the Red Bull genre while trading on the retro cachet of Tab with those iconic pink cans—a plan that coul threaten the sanctity of one of journalism’ secret, and most self-conscious, power cliques the cult of Tab lovers, who have persisted in drinking the pioneering diet soda, despite it virtual disappearance from the market.

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Andy Warhol

“You can see a billboard for TaB and think: Nancy Regan drinks TaB , Gloria Vanderbilt drinks TaB . Jackie Onassis drinks TaB , and just think, you can drink TaB too. TaB is TaB and no matter how rich you are, you can’t get a better one than the homeless woman on the corner is drinking. All the TaBs are the same. And all the TaBs are good. Nancy Regan knows it, Gloria Vanderbilt knows it, Jackie Onassis knows it, Katharine Hepburn knows it, the baglady knows it, and you know it.”

– Andy Warhol from America

“Oh the Glory of it All” by Sean Wilsey

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Sean Wilsey’s mother, Pat Montandon, is a well known author & celebrity/socialist/activist.

pg. 2
“…Mom wrote books, and a column for the San Francsico Examiner. I came to see her first thing when I got home from school. My mom the author! I thought. When she saw me she smiled, waved, and mouthed the word “TaB.” I reversed the maneuver 99.9 percent of my gender performed upon seeing her and went away, removed a cut crystal goblet, set it down on the Formica counter with both hands–Bng–and filled it with ice-maker ice. Then I took a TaB from the bar’s minirefridgerator, poured, and carried it back down the long hall. The ice clinked as I walked. The clinks were like music, like hapiness; I jostled the TaB for joy, made it sizzle up out of the goblet at me like a miniature stadium full of applause.”