TaB is back in PA!

Thanks to a lot of hard work by tri-state area TaB addicts, TaB is now back on the shelves.

An reader alerted me this week: “The Philadelphia Bottling Company is bringing back TAB to the tri-state area. They brought back TAB in 6 packs! Or if anyone has trouble finding it, Exton Beverage Company in Exton, Pa carries TAB in 12 packs and has tons!”

Coke will listen to their customers — this is proof!

Please make sure you have signed the Save TaB Petition, and read the article on How to Save TaB.

2 thoughts on “TaB is back in PA!

  1. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
    It’s great to hear that the Philadelphia plant finally came to their senses!

    Exton Beverage does carry TaB at a good price. They have committed to
    keeping it stocked for us loyal drinkers. I know it’s business for them, but
    they have gone out of their way to keep this stocked for us!

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