Interview with Liquor Land, Millbrae, CA

The Oakland Coca-Cola distributor has not bottled TaB since the mid 1990s, leaving the San Francisco Bay Area tragically TaB-less. Chris moved to San Francisco in 2000, and did some investigating into TaB sources but came up empty, especially since he didn’t have a car and was limited to San Francisco proper. When Natalie moved to SF in late 2003, finding a TaB source again became a top priority.

By first calling the Oakland Coca-Cola distributor, Natalie eventually tracked down a single source in the San Francisco area–Liquor Land in Millbrae, specifically.

On January 24, 2004 we drove the 30 minute drive to Millbrae to get stocked up on TaB, and also had a chance to speak with Robert, one of the owners of Liquor Land. Liquor Land is family owned and operated, and has been in business for over 28 years. They always carried TaB in their store, along with other Coca-Cola products supplied by the Oakland distributor. In the mid-1990s however, Oakland stopped bottling TaB. Soon after, Liquor Land noticed a demand for TaB, possibly encouraged by long time employee Jayne who drinks the beverage, and started driving to the Sacramento bottler to pick up TaB.

Ever since, Liquor Land drives the 200 mile round trip every 5-6 weeks to pick up 75-85 cases of TaB. They have more than 20 regular customers that come in and buy multiple cases at one time, usually the most being 10 cases or so (we bought 10 on this trip).

Robert, one of the owners, told us that often he gets calls from people in New York, Florida, etc–they are traveling to the Bay Area for business or pleasure, and want to confirm a source–no one wants to be TaB-less! He also mentioned that TaB buyers are loyal, regular customers, which of course we already know 😉

Hopefully he will tell Liquor Land’s other TaB customers about–we welcome them!

Thank you Liquor Land!

Please visit Liquor Land in Millbrae, and tell them we sent you!

Liquor Land
1599 El Camino Real
Millbrae, CA 94030

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