I am an unabashed TaBaholic. I’ve been drinking TaB since it first came off the bottling line. I think I’ve got TaB in my veins. I shop at only one store, because they are kind enough to special order it for me. So every Sat. I’m off to Ukrops for my weekly fix. I used to have to go on weekly treks, scouring the shelves for my favorite beverage. Nobody but a fellow TaB drinker can understand the NEED! I miss the old days when we had caffeine-free TaB and those wonderful 2 liter bottles. I even remember the 32 oz. bottles. Clear TaB was too weird, though. I’ve started my own little TaB museum, though I just have a few pieces – an old 16 oz bottles, a Dark Cherry flavored can, and a set of 4 glasses my wonderful husband got me one Christmas. I would love to meet some fellow TaBsters (there really needs to be a word for us, doesn’t there?). I suggest we have a convention – Wouldn’t that be a hoot! Love your site and am proud to be your newest member.

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