My name is Andy and I am a Tabaholic. My addiction began in nursing school, late 70’s. The soda machine was the old fashioned kind, you put in a dime, opened the vertical door and pulled out the bottle from the slot. It was a miracle, the only reason why I had chosen that first bottle of Tab was because it was at the bottom of the machine, hence it was the coldest! I attended school in Clearwater Fla and we didn’t have good AC in the school. I fell in love with the first sip.

Over the years I have gone to some extreme to assure I had my Tab with me, my family has two names for my Tab. My ex-husband calls it battery acid, my family and friends call it Andy’s mothers milk. My son has that special gene that allows him the privilidge of enjoying the wonderful flavor of Tab, sadly my daughter lost out!

When Gilligan’s Island became popular, during a promotional “commercial” , I was asked if I was stranded on a desert island, what would I wish for, of course my answer was Tab! I didn’t win anything since the promo was being sponsored by Pepsi!

Thanks for reading my “story”. I have many more!

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