17 signs you may be a TaB addict…

1. People who know you even casually associate you with TaB.
2. You usually prefer TaB to drinking anything , even liquor.
3. TaB can be substituted for any well-balanced meal.
4. When you know that they are not at your destination, you have packed TaB in flight cargo, only for them to implode everywhere.
5. You have rehearsed a set comeback for “Oh, wow, TaB. I didn’t know they still made it.” or “My mom used to drink TaB.â€�
6. When you wake up with no TaB in your fridge, you panic and desperately speed to a store to quickly replenish your supply, praying to find one in some drink machine on the way.
7. You have a heightened admiration for a movie star when you see him with TaB in hand. And may consider even stalking him.
8. You smuggle your precious can(s) into airplanes, concerts, games, parties (even cocktail!) restaurants, and theatres.
9. You keep an extra cold one in your purse and vehicle at all times, and your precious mom keeps them refrigerated at her home just for you.
10. You collect TaB bottles, bottlecaps, pins, and have yellowed TaB framed ads decorating your home. You wear TaB clothes.
11. You keep TaB newspaper articles and statistics in your wallet, hoping to share them with others, even strangers on the street.
12. You husband/wife is your TaB b*tch. S/he is your stockboy. S/he knows your moods directly correlate to your TaB supply. S/he has been known to cower when you are low, and hide if you are out.
13. 30 years of “this has been known to cause cancer…” didn’t even slow you down.
14. You know all the local stores that carry TaB, what days they get delivery of TaB, and the contact information for your local bottler just in case of an emergency.
15. You have the ILoveTaB.com messageboard set as your homepage.
16. Your have brought TaB with you on vacation when you know it is not available at your destination.
17. You have considered/and or created a website devoted to Tab.

Thanks to Sally & Lisa

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