I turned diabetic when I was ten (30 years ago), and I’ve been drinking TaB ever since. My Dad bought 100 cases (bottles) of the stuff when the first threat of losing TaB came to light…that lasted a summer. I drink 10-18 cans of TaB every day (I’ve even have it when I am in the hospital-I bring my own. I bring it everywhere: its driven 10,000 miles with me on vacation; its flown 1800 miles with me on vacation; it came with me working the school carnivals (even though I could drink anything else for free); it accompanies me to family picnics, to the Bingo hall (I help there), to my friends’ houses, to parties (even keggers). TaB goes with me everywhere! I take classes at Purdue, it goes there. If I stop in at my parents, I take it there…There is a cooler filled with TaB in the car in my garage right now! I know the number for the Coke bottlers in my area by heart (I’ve had to call) and I inow the delivery guy at my local supplier. I love your web site, and I just knew I wasn’t alone in my TaB addiction…it truly is the nectar of the Gods.

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