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  1. I thought it tasted ok, I bought some from 7-11 the other day. It has a definate energy drink taste, but all in all I thought it was pretty good, especially for being a 5 calorie diet energy drink. The bad part is the price, which if crazy.


  2. Our company had a function today with all sorts of Coke products and Tab Energy was one of them. As much as I Tab, I gotta say, I’m not loving this TabEnergy, it tastes a little nasty.

    My fear is that people are going to taste it and instead of it causing a resurgence of interest for Tab, people will think Tab tastes like it and be turned off.

    Wayne (TabHunter)

  3. I picked up a four pack for 7 bucks the other day, I thought it tasted OK, but it isn’t something I would drink regularly, price factors in, and the amount of caffeine is a bit much for me, but it is just not good enough to be named after my beloved TaB cola.
    The can is pretty cool though. The graphic designers at Coke did a nice job making the classic logo look modern but true to it’s roots.

  4. I finally found some TaB Energy yesterday! I went a little crazy and bought a case (24 cans, or 6 4-packs).

    The price was expensive, but comparable to other energy drinks.

    Can and box design is excellent!

    The soda is a pale pink color… The scent is strong, like a sweet mix of cherries and cranberries. The flavor is also very sweet, almost like cherry/cranberry 7-Up. It did not taste diet or sugar free. It also didn’t have the medicinal energy-drink taste that you find in sodas like Red Bull.

    Overall, I dislike it — It is too sweet (and strange) for my taste, and definitely wouldn’t replace regular TaB in my fridge.

  5. Okay Guys – I tasted the “TaB Energy” stuff. Okay, as Tabalie suggested, it tastes NOTHING like TaB. Actually, IMHO it doesn’t have much flavor at all. The closest thing I’d say it resembles is diet Cherry 7-up. Maybe because it’s about that color. Yes, it’s almost clear, but slightly pink. I read somewhere that it has triple the amount of caffeine that regular TaB has. Oh well, I didn’t drink the whole thing yet, but I’m sure if I do, I”ll feel the effects of that. Gosh, why can’t they just make it taste like real TaB? I guess
    a lot of people would balk at the taste. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they still keep making the original stuff.

    Don’t think I’ll be buying this energy drink again. The can is cool looking though. At least it’s a collectable “TaB” thingy. Anyone else try this stuff? I’d be curious to know what you thought. I’m really disappointed though about the taste.


  6. I bought a can of Tab energy the other day and was really pretty gross. How dare they give the Tab name to something so god-awful….I drank the whole thing, but I don’t think I’ll ever have another one. This is one of the biggest mistakes the Coke company has ever made…

    On second thought, it did start to kind of taste a little better the more I drank, but it was still pretty bad the whole way through.

  7. I had not heard of Tab Energy when I saw it at the Shell station and I was really excited, I thought it would be like Tab w/more caffeine. It sucked.

    The only good thing about it was the person who rang me up didn’t know how much it cost and charged me $1.29 which looking at other people’s posts looks cheap.

  8. I thought it was gross! To me it melon flavor
    that was really nasty. Maybe citrus flavors as
    like in AMP and SoBe cover the energy drink
    flavors better. I won’t be buying TaB Energy

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  10. I thought Tab Energy was way above average for an energy drink…Plus the can is awesome…although the name Tab has nothing to do with it… other than the can is pink…

  11. Great stuff! A stay-alert blast in a fizzy
    pink format that tastes like a liquefied Jolly
    Rancher candy. I hope this tasty beverage
    never goes away. It’s delecTABle!

  12. Comment from Elizocon:

    TaB is not carried where I live and was very surprised to see the new TaB Energy drink. It is not the same. I have my TaB Fed-Exed to me by a friend from Houston. Don\’t like the new stuff and wish I could find the good ol\’ TaB on the grocer\’s shelf.

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