“Oh the Glory of it All” by Sean Wilsey

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Sean Wilsey’s mother, Pat Montandon, is a well known author & celebrity/socialist/activist.

pg. 2
“…Mom wrote books, and a column for the San Francsico Examiner. I came to see her first thing when I got home from school. My mom the author! I thought. When she saw me she smiled, waved, and mouthed the word “TaB.” I reversed the maneuver 99.9 percent of my gender performed upon seeing her and went away, removed a cut crystal goblet, set it down on the Formica counter with both hands–Bng–and filled it with ice-maker ice. Then I took a TaB from the bar’s minirefridgerator, poured, and carried it back down the long hall. The ice clinked as I walked. The clinks were like music, like hapiness; I jostled the TaB for joy, made it sizzle up out of the goblet at me like a miniature stadium full of applause.”

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