Natalie & Tessa- TaB Hall of Fame Members!

Natalie and Tess discovered one day when searching the internet for information about they favorite beverage…

Natalie & Tessa - TaB Hall of Fame Members

Natalie & Tessa - TaB Hall of Fame Members

Tessa says:

My friend natalie and I are openly obsessed with Tab and would like to be part of the Hall of Fame! I drink so much TaB that I have had to incorporate it into my monthly budget!

It happens to the best of us :’)

Tessa continues:

Natalie and I both started drinking Tab religiously in the fall of 2007 while attending college in Orange County, California. I can’t remember the exact day but I remember being hooked after that first inspiring sip. Ever since, the two of us have taken turns buying out entire store stocks of TaB until every Ralphs in the city is completely sold out.

I usually drink around 3-14 cans per 24hour period of time and the two of us combined probably purchase a minimum of 30 six-packs per month. When the fridge is stocked, we freely offer the joy of TaB to our friends… But when we get down to that last six pack the answer is no.

Many of our friends are now hooked on TaB which is great, but at the same time makes the beverage harder to get a hold of. When all the local Ralphs are out of our TaB, we search… I remember once driving around nearly 2 hours in pursuit of some sweet, delicious TaB. When we get to a new store, I’ll run or skip to the soda isle immediately and usually get so excited that I start drinking my TaB before making it to the register.

We get “TaB-Nasty” any time and anywhere: in the morning, at meal time, and late into the night. We’ve been known to drink TaB while playing ping pong, in class,in the car, at practice, parties, in restaurants, and even at the gym! We also never throw the cans away because, to us, they are not trash. Instead, we scatter TaB around campus, carefully set cans on top of trash cans rather than in them, or let tab accumulate in the back seat of my car. At Christmas time TaB cans were the only thing used to decorate our tree.

TaB cola is subject my friend Natalie and I discuss on a pretty regular basis… We talk about how the first sip differs from the second, the distinct almost nutmeg-like taste, and how each TaB tastes better th an the one before making every fresh TaB the “Best TaB you have ever had”. Yes I am totally obsessed with TaB, and in no way is that depressing!

We have a whole set of TaB-vocabulary. We talk about getting “TaBfaced” and spreading our “TaBfulence” to create a “TaBnation!” I have done a beer-bong of TaB and would rather drink TaB than alcohol. For Christmas I got all my TaB friends TaBcoozies so that we can all enjoy a cold TaB in the winter seasons. We all have TaB shirts and are well known for all of our TaB consumption. I am always drinking TaB and usually carry a cold one in my back pocket.

TaB addicts have the best sense of humor – welcome to the TaB Hall of Fame!