Lorraine – TaB Hall of Fame Member!

Lorraine - TaB Hall of Fame Member!

Notice what Lorraine is holding here…

Lorraine - TaB Hall of Fame Member!

ILoveTaB.com: When did you start drinking TaB? What were you doing? In college, etc?
Lorraine: I started drinking Tab in college. My first Tab was at a physics department social hour that I attended with my (eventual) husband, also a dedicated Tab drinker.

ILoveTaB.com: Does anyone else in your family/circle of friends drink TaB?
Lorraine: My husband… Also Dr. Ed Wheeler, who is a colleague of my husband’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Dr. David Purdy who is my boss here in Mechanical Engineering [Wow!!Special honors for Lorraine for her conversions and TaB friends!]

ILoveTaB.com: How much TaB do you drink daily/weekly/monthly?
Lorraine: I drink 3 cans of Tab a day. One for each lecture and one for in-between. (That’s all the pop I drink in a day.) My husband drinks rather more than that.

ILoveTaB.com: Is TaB easy to find where you live?
Lorraine: Here, they sell it right out in the open in the stores (Kroger, Wal-mart). We lived in Lincoln, Nebraska for 11 years before we moved here, and in Nebraska we had to drive to the Coca-Cola distribution center 60 miles away in Omaha every month. We would buy enough Tab for the month (many cases) and they would bring out these dusty cases of Tab. Then we would take it home and try and make it last until the next month.

ILoveTaB.com: Have you ever brought TaB on a trip with you? 🙂
Lorraine: Yes, we always bring some Tab with us.

ILoveTaB.com: Any other TaB related anecdotes or stories?

Lorraine: One April fools one year, half of my students brought Tab to class. It took me until half way through the lecture to realize they were all drinking Tab. On the day before Spring Break, I bring Tab and candy to class so students can see what Tab tastes like.

Lorraine was nominated by one of her students — it was one of the best testimonials we’ve gotten! She obviously makes a huge impact on her students.

“My name is [J.G.] and I am a freshman majoring Mechanical Engineering, ME, major at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. One of my freshman ME professors is in love with Tab.

Her name is Lorraine Olson and she has her BS, MS, and PHD from MIT. She is a genius who, yes you guessed it, loves Tab. When used to live in Nebraska her and her husband used to drive 120 miles round trip just to buy Tab in bulk. The stores in her area didn’t sell it so they would drive the distribution center and pick it up.

Every single period she teaches she has a can of Tab with her, and she even gives visual representations of Free Body diagrams using her Tab can. One day in class we all asked about her love for Tab. She spent about 7 minutes of class time telling us all her stories. After that, the day before spring break we had a Tab party, since a lot of us had never had it. She brought in six cases of Tab and candy and we all enjoyed it while we worked in class.

When I go to her office to get help on work her desk is sometimes littered with empty Tab cans. I’m telling you the lady loves her Tab. On the ME webpage, there are group photos of the all the Me professors and some of them are holding Tab cans in the photo (having a good laugh at her).

Anyway, the reason why I am writing you is because I think she has more than deserved her place in the Tab hall fame. You have heard I am sure just a few of her many stories involving Tab. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has been ranked the number 1 undergraduate engineering school in the nation for eight consecutive years and beings she has her three degrees from MIT I think she also earned her place in the hall of fame and she would love every moment of it.

There is no doubt in my mind that if someone loves a drink so much that her professional staff jokes with her about it and she incorporates Tab into the nations best engineering programs curriculum she has earned her place. Please let me know.

Thank you/sincerely,