I have been drinking TaB since I was 10 yrs old. I am 41 now. I am known for my pink cans … in my desk, purse, school locker…leaving one or two with family members, just incase I dropped by! Two years ago, I was married in New Zealand, and there was no TaB there, so I packed a whole suitcase full…and was on a TaB diet, limiting myself to 4 cans daily. I didnt quite make it and by the end of two weeks, I was forced to drink Diet Coke on my honeymoon! My mom (who actually, put TaB in my babies bottles!!) was a die hard drinker until a few yrs back and she had to cut back on her caffine intake for a heart condition. Oh, my god, I hope I dont end up like that!

One of my 1st jobs out of high school was for a whole sale beauty supplier, a family owned business in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Alot of our equipment was pretty old, which was fine by me, because they had the coldest Coca Cola 10oz bottle dispensing machine! It was free for employees and HEAVEN!! Nothing beats the heat more than an icy cold bottle of TaB. 10oz is perfect to knock down and stay icy. Boy, I miss those days!

A scary TaB story happened to me just recently. AZ Coke distributors didnt order enough of the 6pks to hold over the stock until the new refidgerator 12pks showed up. I went a whole week without a TaB….calling different grocery stores in southern rural AZ, to no avail. My son found some about 70 miles roundtrip and brought them too me…xxoo But they were quickly gone.

Of course, I was crabby and moaning…and my family was laughing at me… my husband, the love of my life, walks in the kitchen with a can of TaB….he said, look what I found in your car! Evidently, one had rolled under the seats….I was sooooo happy and excited!! Then, he crunched the can before my eyes….it was an empty can, still sealed. We have an empty can problem here in the higher altitude. I was devistated and my eyes teared up! I seriously considered divorce at that moment!! How could he do that to me? He hugged me, now realizing my devotion to TaB. I vowed at that moment, to always have a 1 month supply on hand. To stock pile when they are on sale. (last week, safeway in Sierra Vista, 12pks for $1.99 ea!!)

My current employer, inspired by the bright pink can, painted our entire office the exact same color. Everyone says, there is no way you can be unhappy surrounded by this color! In a strange twist of fate, it was my almost ex-husband who did the painting … he is a painter by trade. And everyday, he looks down at his shoes and see the bright pink splats of paint from this job!

Can you say Karma?

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