Jen – TaB Hall of Fame member!

Jen has been a fountain of TaB information and a great help to — she definitely deserves this honor!

She has even gotten her grandson addicted 😉 When did you start drinking TaB? What were you doing? In college, etc?

Jen: May 1987. My daughter had just turned a year old. I was looking for a diet soda to help take the baby-weight off. My high school friend Andy recommended TaB, which was still available in restaurants, before the Diet Coke takeover. One sip and I was hooked! Does anyone else in your family/circle of friends drink TaB?

Jen: My 3 1/2 year-old grandson. How much TaB do you drink daily/weekly/monthly

Jen: 10-12 cans per day Is TaB easy to find where you live?

Jen: Yes. I am one of the lucky ones. All the grocery stores carry it. Have you ever brought TaB on a trip with you?

Jen: No, but on a trip to San Francisco in 1997, (I’m from Indiana), my friend Andy went all the way to Chico to buy me a 12-pak so I’d have some while I visited. [What a great friend!] Any other TaB related anecdotes or stories?

Jen: In 1980, I was advertising manager for my high school yearbook. One of the ads I sold was to the local Coca-Cola bottler. He explained that the name “TaB” came from the number of calories, for dieters’ information: Two A Bottle. [Interesting story, though the official Coke story is a bit different]

Thanks Jen, and welcome to the best club in the world 🙂

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