Extra Extra! Read a little about TaB X-Tra…

TaB Extra (or TaB Xtra) is a diet soda available in Norway and Sweden, and maybe Iceland (here is a link to the Icelandic TaB, which does not appear to be TaB X-tra.)

According to Coca-Cola (translated from Swedish Coca-Cola site):

“Tab X-tra was launched in Sweden in 1995 as a new, sugarfree alternative with a good, well-liked cola taste. Today, the product can only be found in Norway, Sweden, and on Iceland.”

About a year ago, my parents took a trip to Norway and I had my mom bring me back some TaB X-Tra. I drank one bottle (the smaller size) and kept the other two. It is a nice diet soft drink, but it is not the same (or even close to) the original TaB we love. Much much better than Diet Coke! I would say it is closest to the taste of Coke Zero, since they share the same artificial sweeteners.

Apparently all over Norway it was on *tap*!! In addition to being available in cans, 1.5L bottles, and .5L bottles.

Ingredients in TaB X-Tra:
Water, [some sort of acid, I am guessing phosphoric acid], Dye/Color, [mystery ingredient], aspartame (Nutra-Sweet) & acesulfame potassium (Ace-K) [both are artificial sweeteners], [mystery ingredient], [mystery ingredient], (mystery ingredient].

Has anyone else gotten a chance to try TaB X-Tra?

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  1. I drink lots of this stuff every single day, but I didn’t know that it wasn’t available elsewhere. Coca Cola Light tastes like water compared to Tab X-tra, and Coca Cola Zero tastes like 90% Coca Cola Light with 10% Tab X-tra in it. The drink that tastes most like Tab X-tra is Pepsi Max, but Pepsi Max, unlike Tab X-tra, tastes like it has a bit of Dr.Pepper in it. Tab X-tra has less bubbles than Coca Cola Zero and Pepsi Max, and is not that sweet, and these things makes me think of it as the Coca Cola for grownups.

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