She Was Hot (music video) – The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones “She Was Hot” music video, 1984.

“There is a close-up of a can of TaB in the ORIGINAL music video, which was edited out before it was ever shown on MTV. I happen to have the uncut version, shown on a now-defunct independent music video channel (U-68 from NYC). I’m not sure, but I think it was cut from the video for legal reasons. But it was there at one time, I have proof!”

Thanks Paul!

Will & Grace

Will & Grace, an episode during the 2003 season (we think).

Karen returns to work at Grace’s (after fighting with Grace and working for Jack) and Karen “pretends” to have been at the store, and says….

“Sorry I am late honey, that took forever []…. I got your TaB and Gee your hair smells terrific.”

Grace says in a stunned manner– “That *was* a long line, it started in like 1975.”