“Less Than Zero” by Bret Easton Ellis

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pg. 53
“…In the kitchen, Trent’s mother is smoking a cigarette and finishing a Tab before she goes off to some fashion show in Century City…”

pg. 60
“…One day we took the convertible and drove to a secluded part of the beach. We ate caviar and Blair had chopped up some onions and eggs and cheese, and we brought fruit and these cinnamon cookies Blair was really into, and a six-pack of Tab, because that and the champagne were all Blair would drink…”

pg. 108
“…The fat girl has a lot of makeup on and she’s sipping a Tab with a straw and wearing purple Calvin Klein jeans and matching cowboy boots. The bartender isn’t listening to her and I have this image of her, sitting alone in a room somewhere in the city, waiting for the phone to ring. The fat girl orders another Tab…”

“Oh the Glory of it All” by Sean Wilsey

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Sean Wilsey’s mother, Pat Montandon, is a well known author & celebrity/socialist/activist.

pg. 2
“…Mom wrote books, and a column for the San Francsico Examiner. I came to see her first thing when I got home from school. My mom the author! I thought. When she saw me she smiled, waved, and mouthed the word “TaB.” I reversed the maneuver 99.9 percent of my gender performed upon seeing her and went away, removed a cut crystal goblet, set it down on the Formica counter with both hands–Bng–and filled it with ice-maker ice. Then I took a TaB from the bar’s minirefridgerator, poured, and carried it back down the long hall. The ice clinked as I walked. The clinks were like music, like hapiness; I jostled the TaB for joy, made it sizzle up out of the goblet at me like a miniature stadium full of applause.”