“Dwindling supply has TaB fanatics searching everywhere for their cola” – by Courtney McCann

(“Dwindling supply has TaB fanatics searching everywhere for their cola,” Press of Atlantic City, May 7, 2006 — by Courtney McCann)

Lolly Yocum will travel to the ends of the earth in search of an endangered species: her beloved TaB soda.

The Lansdale, Pa., doll maker has a summer house in Little Egg Harbor Township, but she spends more time traveling the Garden State Parkway trolling for soft drinks than enjoying the summer sun.

“During the summer months, I go on TaB-buying journeys that take me from Manahawkin to Atlantic City looking for my beloved drink,� Yocum said. “No other drink can compare.�
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Do you need help finding TaB?

If you cannot find TaB at your local grocery store, your first step should be to ask your store for the contact information for your local Coca-Cola bottler/distributor. You can also check our listing of Coca-Cola bottlers and distributers. Your bottler/distributor can tell if you they bottle TaB, and where you can find TaB in your area.

If the bottler’s name and contact info is crossed out (like this), that means the bottler no longer distributes or manufactures TaB. This list was hard to put together so it’s not perfectly accurate, but it’s a start!

If TaB is made/distributed by your bottler/distributer, than any market that sells Coke products should be able to order some TaB for you. Usually smaller stores are more receptive. If your market is resistant, it may help to “pre-buy” a certain number of cases per month, so they don’t have to worry about the TaB not selling.

If TaB is not available in your area (check our list of TaB-less areas in the US), I strongly suggest writing letters to your local bottler/distributer and calling your local bottler expressing your dissatisfaction. It’s important to remember that The Coca-Cola Company has NOT discontinued TaB – your local bottler made that decision so you need to complain directly to them.

You can also try:

  • Emailing Coke with your complaint
    (Don’t expect much of a response though – they can’t do much, only your local bottler/distributer can make the decision to make TaB again)
  • Use the ILoveTaB.com Complain-O-Matic to help compose a letter to your bottler or the The Coca-Cola Company
  • Snail mail The Coca-Cola Company:

    The Coca-Cola Company
    P.O. Box 1734
    Atlanta, GA, USA 30301

  • Fans have a soft spot for old soft drink–A soda with a following

    (“Fans have a soft spot for old soft drink–A Soda with a Following,” Pressconnects.com, September 19, 2005, — by Elizabeth Cohen)

    Sometimes Broome County runs dry. When it does, Tammy Kocak scrambles. “Recently we drove to Scranton, to check out the Wegmans there,” said the Binghamton office administrator, 43, speaking of one recent shortage. “If I locate a place that has some stock, I’m tempted to buy it all up.”

    Tammy Kocak of Binghamton works as an assistant to Broome County Executive Barbara Fiala. Kocak admits to drinking two cases of TaB a week.

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    ILoveTaB.com mentioned in pressconnects.com

    ILoveTaB was mentioned in a NY local paper PressConnects.com the week of September 18, 2005.

    “TaB drinkers would rather people not know. ‘I don’t want to spread it around that you can still get it or where I am getting it, because I don’t need any more competition for the few cases around for sale,’ said Kathi Cook of Binghamton, who has been drinking TaB since she was 15. ‘The other day I ran into someone else — another TaB drinker — at the market. We talked a little bit and then agreed to split the eight six-packs on sale.’

    Haven’t we all felt that way? 🙂