– September 2020

2020 has been hard for TaB drinkers. Due to aluminum shortages and other COVID-19 related reasons, TaB has been missing off the shelves of US grocery stores since late March, 2020. I’ve gotten over a thousand messages from TaB drinkers and I understand the frustration. We all are desperately missing TaB!

First some good news – TaB has started to re-appear in a few spots. So far I have heard from people in Long Island, NY and a few places in the South East. Unfortunately, TaB still is missing from most areas. I want to strongly encourage you to 1) contact your local bottler directly to tell them you want TaB. 2) contact The Coca-Cola Company (they make TaB) and let them know you miss TaB and want it back!

I have always responded to all emails sent to personally and individually, and I want to apologize if you have contacted over the past six months and haven’t received a response. I have been overwhelmed with your messages and have been at a loss at how best to respond to all of you. I will reply as soon as I can. My advice is always to make a fuss about missing TaB: locally at your store, with your local bottler, and finally with TaB’s parent company, The Coca-Cola Company. If TaB has reappeared near you, please let us know – I am keeping a list of all areas here.

A gentle reminder: is a site for fans of TaB. We are not affiliated with The Coca-Cola Company in any way, and we are not affiliated with any bottler. We do not make TaB, we just love TaB!

TaB Chat Group

Hello everyone!

We have started a new chat group for TaB addicts that will replace the QuickTopic board, which has been
unfortunately attacked by spammers as of late.

This new chat group has more security features, and is easy to use — we hope everyone joins in!

To visit and join the new ILoveTaB Chat Group, click here

Here are more details about the chat group:

You can join the group by clicking the following URL:

Join ILoveTaB Chat

Access to the group on the web requires a Google Account. If you don’t have a Google Account set up yet, you’ll first need to create an account before you
can access the group. You can create an account at:

Create a Google account

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