About ILoveTaB.com

Who are we?

Well, two hard core TaB junkies. Natalie began drinking TaB at a very young age, due to her mother’s addiction (it tends to run in families). In 1993 Chris and Natalie met, and a co-dependant relationship blossomed! From nursing hangovers with TaB to pulling all-nighters studying for exams with our trusty pink cans, we went through it all.

We were lucky then, since TaB was widely available in our hometowns and school. (Although Chris did mount a lengthy battle to convince the school to sell six-packs on the main campus.)

What is ILoveTaB.com?

This is the fourth incarnation of our TaB site. In 1996 we created the first web site for TaB addicts to come together and talk about their experiences, addictions, and search for the increasingly-rare TaB. We got a fantastic response from TaB addicts across the globe!

Many many cases of TaB later, we decided to spruce up our site. TaB addicts are dying off–Natalie’s mother has even given it up! This means that TaB is at extreme risk of disappearing off the shelves–forever!

We need to let Coca-Cola know that as long as they make TaB, we will be here to drink it.

Cheers, and glad to have you here,

Natalie & Chris

About Us

Chris is in his 12th year of TaB addiction. He met Natalie–and TaB–as a student at Duke University. He has been lugging those little pink cans with him ever since. He currently stores his belongings in San Francisco and Madrid, but can’t seem to decide which one is home. (There is more TaB in Spain, but it tastes funny. And he can’t understand anyone.) He works as a web programmer, mostly for Trekmail.com. He studies Spanish, has lost at least 3 years of his life to Google, has way too many houseplants and is always obsessed with some new piece of trivia. (Some recent topics: Citicorp Tower and The Walking Snakehead Fish.)

Natalie has been a TaB drinker for over 16 years, and also is responsible for co-founder Chris’ addiction. She is originally from northern California, but has lived in Tokyo, Atlanta, Durham, Seattle, and Los Angeles before settling in the Bay Area. Though her interest and dedication to TaB has held fast, her career interests have unfortunately not been quite as clear. Bouncing from working in a nursing home, to hanging up countless bras in Victoria’s Secret, to pursuing her PhD in Molecular Biology, she has tried it all. For the past several years Natalie has worked as a freelance makeup artist, a career choice that so far seems to be “sticking.” [update – well, now Natalie is going into DNA forenscis, maybe this will work). Besides TaB, makeup, and genetic engineering, Natalie loves ice skating, playing games, taking polaroid pictures, and questing for the perfect bottle of $8 champagne. Cheers! Natalie’s Friendster profile is here – add her as a friend!

Special thanks to our friends and family for putting up with our endless TaB talk and demands of disproportionate fridge space.