“Tab spinoff digs up memories of nasty original” – by Sherry Slater

(“Tab spinoff digs up memories of nasty original,” The Journal Gazette, February 11, 2006 – by Sherry Slater)

When I read recently that the Coca-Cola Co. is launching an updated version of Tab, memories started fizzing and bubbling in my brain.

My mom bought that disgusting diet cola for about five years when I was a kid. We gulped it down because, even though we hated the taste of it, it was still pop. And it was supposed to be helping us lose weight.

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“The plight of the TaB Addict [in Canada]” – by Jennifer Wells

(“The plight of the TaB addict. VICES | The lengths to which some Canadians will go …,” TheStar.com, February 12, 2006 — by Jennifer Wells)

When it comes to vices, ya do what ya gotta do. Even if the vice in question isn’t anything near as illicit as say, crystal meth, but instead is sold over the counter in a pink pop can that recalls the era of Mary Quant, paisley shirts and winkle pickers.

Except it isn’t sold over the counter. Not in Toronto. Not in Ontario. Not in Canada, writ large.

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“Coca-Cola welcomes consumers to the ‘Coke side of life’ for global campaign” – by Julia Pearlman

(“Coca-Cola welcomes consumers to the ‘Coke side of life’ for global campaign,” BrandRepublic.com, December 9, 2005, — by Julia Pearlman)

Excerpt relating to TaB Energy:

“In the last year alone, Coke launched more than a thousand products. But it is not stopping there. Several new products launching next year include: a coffee-flavoured soda called Coca-Cola Blak; a Tab energy drink for women; a bottled coffee called Far Coast; and black and green tea drinks called Gold Peak. ”
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Coke Revamps Ad, Sets New Product

(“Coke Revamps Ad, Sets New Product,”) KGET.com, Week of December 9, 2005)

Excerpt relating to TaB Energy:

“Also during the presentation, Coke marketing chief Mary Minnick said Coke was introducing higher-margin extensions in the fast-growing water category and that it plans to launch ‘Tab’ energy drink targeting women. Minnick also announced the company’s new advertising slogan: “Welcome to the Coke Side of Life.”

Coca-Cola has introduced several diet and reduced-calorie drinks in recent months to meet changing consumer tastes.

It is also now packaging Coca-Cola in an 8.4-ounce can and touting the serving has just 100 calories, Minnick said.”
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