“The vending machines that time forgot” – by Tim Greening

(“The vending machines that time forgot,” The Shreveport Times, June 10, 2006 — by Tim Greening)


“Our soda machine has Tab in it, fer-cryin’-out-loud! Tab! I thought Tab went out when Ronald Reagan was sworn in. I wouldn’t be surprised if it still had Crystal Pepsi in it.�
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“Sweet Nothing—The Triumph Of Diet Soda” – by Benjamin Siegel

(“Sweet Nothing—The Triumph Of Diet Soda,” American Heritage Magazine, June/July 2006 — by Benjamin Siegel)

It came out of a Brooklyn hospital and in very few years changed not only what Americans drink but how they see themselves.

It is probably fair to say that hyman kirsch, 50 years dead, his once powerful beverage company now a shadow of its former fizzy self, could not have imagined the ways in which his No-Cal soda would change the world. Kirsch was gone before Diet Coke hit supermarket shelves everywhere; he never heard “Tab, Tab cola, for beautiful people� or drank a diet soda “just for the taste of it.� But his legacy is a multibillion-dollar-a-year business and has created a nation full of consumers thirsty for the latest liquid nothing.

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Movie – Generation TaB, by Ben Whitman

From the official Carbon Pictures/Manwhit website:


The latest from Manwhit Entertainment!

An effervescent mock-umentary, Generation Tab explores Tab Cola’s turbulent history as a diet beverage. After nearly cornering the youth cola market in the mid-1980s, Tab Cola, Inc. fell flat during the 1990s, due to tired and sluggish management decisions made by its founder and CEO, Sydney Tabinthaul.

Now more than a decade later, Tab is making a well-deserved comeback. Eighties-minded “x-treme sports fanaticâ€� Skip Rufiker has recently been enlisted to revamp the company’s image. “I like to live my life like a Tab kind of guy,â€� quips Rufiker, a skateboard in one hand and an ice-cold six pack of “brown goldâ€� in the other. Watch as we explore this fascinating company and its plans for “shaking upâ€� the worldwide cola market.

Written and directed by Ben Whitman in the Spring of 2003, the film stars Nick Crocker as Skip Rufiker and Ben Whitman as the ineffible Sydney Tabinthaul.

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