2 Liter bottles of TaB – where to find it…

Announcement, June 2007: 2 Liter bottles have been discontinued.

2 Liter bottles of TaB have been reported in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut (all are covered by the bottler “Coca Cola of Bottling Company of New England.”

If you know any other areas where TaB is available in 2 Liter bottles, please leave a comment here, or contact us.

Thanks Hollow Man

3 thoughts on “2 Liter bottles of TaB – where to find it…

  1. There are a couple places here in my town (Rumford) in Maine where TAB can be purchased in 2 liter bottles. One is a small store on Cumberland Street called Ralph’s, the other is a larger store called Hannaford on Waldo Street.

  2. Would love to say this is true in southern NH, but in all of our local (and not-so-local) New Hampshire grocery stores, we don’t have 2-liter bottles. 🙁


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